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Figuring out Microsoft collaboration technology

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Our passion - your business solution.

Microsoft collaboration technology is amongst the very best of its kind and it's under constant development to improve the range of functionality and features that you can exploit. The challenge is not therefore in the technology; it's much more obvious in how best to exploit the technology so that it solves real business problems and that's what we are all about. 

Solving problems our way

Tony Redmond has always been interested in the intersection of business and technology. As a Hewlett-Packard Vice President for ten years, Tony had the opportunity of learning about technology in the world's largest IT company; he also had the chance to work with Microsoft at both executive and engineering levels; and best of all, he has worked with a huge variety of customers around the globe spanning many different industries. The result is a unique blend of experience and skills that are focused on Microsoft collaboration technologies - something that you don't find every day! 

Our experience

Having experience is fantastic. Sharing it is even better, and that's why we share so much through books, magazine articles, blogs, and conference sessions. But even though we share so much and so often, there's still nothing like having our experience made available on a personal level. Consultants from Redmond & Associates are able to bring that experience to you, to understand your business problems, and to work out how best to apply technology to your best advantage. That's our promise and that's what we have been doing for years.  

You can contact us as follows:

Redmond & Associates
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